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The 21-Day Inner Work Challenge is developed by Joyce Mol, Founder of Mind Events Factory. Breathwork & Yoga Teacher.

It is one of my first online trainings I developed a few years ago, which I still find very valuable at this moment. It’s about women empowerment, devotion and inner work. Reflecting on yourself and creating new habits. We need at least 21 days to change something in our behavior.

This 21-Day Challenge supports you to dive deep into yourself. It will invite you to slow down more. It’s mother nature that gives us a call to dive deeper in ourselves to reflect on our own habits. During the 21-Day Inner Work Challenge you will dive deeper in yourself with meditations, breath-work, yin yoga, journaling and spiritual work.

You will receive the course work via e-mail in your inbox to integrate new habits into your life.

What is this challenge look like? 

  • You will receive an e-mail every morning with exercises to integrate into your life
  • You will receive meditations and videos which you can keep practicing after the 21 day challenge:
    – Letting go meditation
    – Inner work meditation
    – Mudra class
    – Yin Yoga class (Tara sequence)
    – Inner light meditation
    – Yin Flow class
    – Podcast of the daily practice routine
  • You will integrate new habits into yourself within 21-days

It is time for stillness, creativity and yourself.

I’ve done a lot of 21-day challenges to improve my way of living, thinking and feeling. The inner work challenge is based on the philosophy of the Goddess Tara. This is about inner work, inner strength and devotion. A dedicated daily practice can change your way of living. During those 21 days, we go through deeper layers with small exercises. Small exercises which are fully focused on you.

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